Wastewater Solutions planning at a table at JTB Architects

Environmental Design: Wastewater Solutions for JTB Architects

JTB Architects had spent significant time designing one of New Zealand’s newest luxury lodges. After perfecting all the details to ensure the property had a luxurious aura, they were determined to see the design through thoroughly. Nothing ruins the aura of luxury quite like wastewater. Greasy, stinky wastewater. Engineers breaking a sweat servicing the grease trap. You get the picture.

Down the drainpipe

Wastewater solutions should be considered in the design process of any build to avoid wasting money and time - the process will be much more complicated if left as an afterthought.

Thinking ahead, JTB Architects reached out to Clenz early in the build process, outlining any potential issues and requests. Pain points to be considered include remote access to the secluded lodge and needing to design around tricky points including a helicopter pad.

Fluid to fit with you

As with any major building project, deadlines needed to be met, meaning a level of flexibility was required. Clenz were able to store the systems onsite and deliver to the supplier when they were ready.

To uphold the aura of sophistication at the luxury lodge, the suction line was installed remotely, far away from the lodge. This meant the grease trap could be serviced from a distance without disturbing guests.

Local suppliers were selected to install the systems, creating efficiencies for JTB Architects. To make planning easy, Clenz dealt directly with the plumber and drainlayer, meaning the architect could focus on other areas of the build project while knowing Clenz had everything on their end taken care of.

Come on in, the water’s fine

Looking for a wastewater solution that is environmentally certified? Get in touch to discuss how we can reduce trade waste together.

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