Collection: Big Dipper Automatic Grease Traps


Big Dipper Automatic Grease Interceptors protect your business’ plumbing against costly clogs due to grease building up in the plumbing system while also protecting your city’s wastewater system. It works by kitchen wastewater flowing through the unit before entering the sewer waste system. Grease interceptor, also called Grease Traps, intercept, capture or "trap" grease. Most kitchens with long plumbing runs to the sewer system benefit from Grease Traps. Examples are food establishments in a mall or hospital, or a restaurant inside of a large building. Kitchens with high grease volumes also benefit greatly. They know these devices will save them from backups, non-compliance fines, and downtime for repairs that can result from clogs.

Bigger Dipper Inceptors offer hassle free operation due to a user-friendly interface. They can be ordered and installed within days for fast and easy compliance. All Big Dipper units are engineered with a system of magnets, clasps and seals that keeps odour locked inside. This makes Big Dipper a more hygienic option than some other types of grease traps. With Big Dipper, you own the solution to efficient grease management for your business in New Zealand. And you save money over the long term by not having to spend any of your budget on pumping services.

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