Keeping your project on time and on budget requires a lot of foresight and planning.

Accommodating multiple commercial kitchens in large-scale building projects such as shopping centres, food courts, stadiums and other large developments poses its own set of unique challenges. Due to the scale and number of businesses involved, noncompliance with regulations and plumbing issues arising from poor wastewater management can have far-reaching, and often costly, repercussions. That's why finding the perfect solution in the planning stages can be crucial to future success.


Our outdoor grease removal solution is lightweight, durable, and modular allowing for easy transport, storage, and installation and lets you avoid pitfalls that may arise along the way. Poor weather or supplier delays playing havoc with your schedule? Since our inground grease solutions are so easy to move you can easily postpone installation or shift them to another location while you wait. Last minute changes to plans or needed capacity? Out modular systems allow you to add additional components as needed, with various configuration options to meet your space and needs.

Long-term Value

Always a good investment, our wastewater system combines flexibility, durability, and longevity with an environmentally friendly design that will make your compliance worries a thing of the past. Efficient installation, low maintenance, and easy servicing bring long-term savings and reduce work and worry down the line, further supported by our generous warranty and service plan, with service partners within easy reach across the country.


Our trusted products are certified to meet exacting standards and provide an environmentally sustainable option for large site wastewater management. Our high-quality inground grease traps are backed by years of industry expertise and we are dedicated to assisting you with finding the ideal solution for your needs. Whether you need specifications and advice, assistance with compliance, or are looking for full-service wastewater consulting our skilled experts are on hand to help.

Contact us today and talk to our friendly experts to learn more about our inground systems are a developer or site manager’s dream grease solution.