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Solid Sink Basket Waste

Solid Sink Basket Waste


An innovative product that is perfect for use in food preparation areas, the commercial Solid Sink Waste Basket suits a standard 90mm waste outlet with 50mm BSP thread/connection. Features include a removable stainless steel waste basket with a fixed secondary strainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A basket waste, commonly known as a sink strainer or sink basket, is a device used in kitchen sinks to catch debris, food scraps, and other solid waste before it enters the drainage system. It typically consists of a perforated basket or strainer that fits into the drain opening, allowing water to pass through while trapping larger particles.

You need a basket waste primarily in kitchen sinks or any other areas where solid waste might be disposed of via a drainage system. This includes commercial kitchens, restaurants, homes, and any place where food preparation or cleaning activities occur. Basket wastes help prevent clogs in the pipes and ensure smooth drainage by collecting solid waste that could otherwise accumulate and cause blockages.

Not having a basket waste can pose several concerns for businesses. It increases the risk of clogged pipes, leading to potential plumbing issues and costly repairs. Additionally, it can result in unpleasant odours, hygiene concerns, and may even lead to non-compliance with health and safety regulations.

Using a high-quality basket waste in commercial kitchens offers numerous benefits. It helps prevent costly plumbing issues by effectively trapping debris, reduces the risk of clogged pipes, maintains hygiene standards by preventing odours and bacterial build-up, and ensures smooth operations by minimising downtime. Overall, investing in a top-notch basket waste can streamline operations, enhance hygiene standards, and save businesses time and money in the long run.

Installing a basket waste typically involves placing the basket or strainer into the drainage opening of the sink and securing it in place using the provided fastening mechanism. This usually requires unscrewing the retaining nut beneath the sink, inserting the basket waste assembly into the drain, and then tightening the nut to secure it. It's important to ensure a proper seal to prevent leaks and to periodically clean out the basket waste to maintain optimal drainage flow. If unsure, it's recommended to consult the manufacturer's manual or seek assistance from a professional plumber. Ask our friendly team for a list of recommended plumbers.

A basket waste can be utilised in both commercial and residential settings. While its primary function remains the same – to trap debris and prevent clogs in sink drains – the specific requirements and usage may vary depending on the scale and intensity of use. In commercial environments such as restaurants and hotels, basket wastes are often designed to withstand heavy-duty use. In residential settings, basket wastes typically focus more on aesthetics to complement the kitchen decor. Our Basket waste is suitable for both residential and commercial use as it fits any standard 90mm waste outlet.