Grease Pre-Treatment Solutions for Large Shopping Complex 'The Crossing' in Tauranga

Grease Pre-Treatment Solutions for Large Shopping Complex 'The Crossing' in Tauranga

With 90 expected specialty stores and 1,500 car parks, The Crossing in Tauranga is set to delight thousands of shoppers across The Bay. Founded in the evergreen Bay of Plenty, the team at The Crossing were compelled to create a regional shopping centre that would lead the way in environmental responsibility.

Oil and water don’t mix

A grease pre-treatment was required by law. However, for The Crossing, the decision spanned beyond laws; a grease pre-treatment was needed morally and functionally as well. With 90 specialty stores, a good foundation needed to be laid to prevent pipes from blocking up. Engineering Consultancy Norman, Disney & Young reached out to Clenz to enquire about a large treatment system for The Crossing. Clenz scoped out a recommended retail price and two sizing options.

Full steam ahead

A complete below ground solution was implemented at The Crossing, from specification to installation alongside a preferred partner. FB Hall & Co, one of Clenz’s preferred plumbing partners, were all hands on deck installing the solution as per Clenz’s comprehensive drawings.

Every possible scenario and need was scoped out. A few of the considerations for shopping complexes include future proofing for future developments and growth and being inconspicuous to shoppers during maintenance.

Fluid to fit with you

As with many large-scale building projects, a level of flexibility was required to fit with adjusting timeframes. Units were ordered and stored until the contractor was ready for installation to avoid any delays.

All the details were taken care of so the busy team could focus all the efforts on the rest of the construction project. The suction kit was installed with truck access hidden well out of customers sights to ensure customers can enjoy their leisurely shopping with no eyesores.

Modular sizing was used to ensure flexible capabilities ensuring the wastewater solution could grow alongside the shopping complex. Modular sizing allowed multiple tanks to be joined together to create different volume capacities.

Come on in, the water’s fine

Looking for a wastewater solution that is environmentally certified? Get in touch to discuss how we can reduce trade waste together.

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