Hands holding a miniature globe to represent how to Future Proof Your Compliance

Future Proofing Your Compliance

Future proofing your compliance for long term success.

Compliance is something that as a restaurant owner, hotel owner and fast food chain holder cannot be avoided, and managing this can be a nightmare.

Not only are you as the owner responsible for providing sufficiently safe and hygienic facilities for food storage and preparation, you are also responsible for how you dispose of the by-products while cooking the food.

Fats, oils, and grease are the most common by-products of food preparation which need to go into a pre-treatment system. This ensures that everything  has been done to remove the waste before it reaches the main network. 

There is plenty of reading and decoding of information that you may just not have time for, and let’s be honest, you’ll be trusting an expert, whether it’s an engineer, plumber or architect to give you advice on how to meet the regulations. But are they thinking of the long term impacts of their product selection? There are a number of solutions that meet compliance and how do they choose what to recommend to you?

We’ve compiled a five point list that you can quickly tick off with the expert you’re working with to discover:

  1. How easily can it be cleaned?
  2. How durable is the product?
  3. Can it be easily transported and installed?
  4. Is it compact enough to fit into your kitchen?
  5. Is it Eco friendly?

Because we can tell you, the engineer, plumber and architect are not going be here in 5 years time when your pre-treatment system starts to show signs of failing and is costing you a fortune to fix it. By just asking these 5 questions, you’ll be able to find the best product in market and save yourself from a lot of future pains, whether its financially related or time orientated.

Let’s think about the future now.

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