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Halgan Above & Below Ground Grease Trap

Halgan Above & Below Ground Grease Trap

Secure immediate gains and long-term benefits with Halgan above and below ground Grease Traps

Take control of the future and plan for success with the Halgan S Series, our proven versatile grease and oil removal system.

Our lightweight, compact polyethylene grease interceptor is perfect for difficult site applications. Due to its special construction and modern materials,
moving and placing the grease trap is a simple task, removing the need for costly heavy haulage equipment and making it easy to place on site, install, and move as the need arises. Additionally, it is available in a wide range of sizes and features a modular construction that is designed to be upgradeable or expandable by adding extra modules in a variety of configurations.

The Halgan S series is designed to be easily cleaned and serviced and even features a remote suction line connection which minimises business disruption and keeps those unpleasant odours far from your kitchens. The system is also constructed from durable materials that designed are to last, a superior option to older traditional concrete grease trap systems, requiring less maintenance and repair and featuring a substantially longer lifespan, up to 50 years!

Environmentally Responsible
Our commitment to preserving the environment is reflected in our products, which can prevent up to 95% of FOGs (fats, oil, and grease) from leaving your kitchens and entering New Zealand’s waterways. Our sustainable, environmentally friendly wastewater solution has been recognised and certified by Green Star, the international standard for environmentally sound practices, along with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), in recognition of our mission to protect our environment.



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Our Range


MGT S Series 1000 – 5000 litres

The MGT S Series has been designed using the latest technology and is one of the most advanced trade waste products on the market

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MGTR 1000 to 5000

MGT S Series 6000 – 10,000 litres

The MGT “S” series is an additional design to the MGT series but has extra features. The “S” series can modular and can be installed in line. The MGTS Series can be installed above ground when purchased with polyethylene stands.

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Halgan Modular 500 to 3000

Modular Grease Trap 550 – 3000 Litres

The Modular Grease Trap is New Zealand’s most progressive waste water, and trade waste, treatment vessel. They are lightweight, versatile and easy to install.

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Modular 4000 to 9000

Modular Grease Trap 4000 – 9000 Litres

The Modular Grease Trap is New Zealand’s most progressive waste water, and trade waste, treatment vessel. They are lightweight, versatile and easy to install.

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MGT A Series 2000 – 5000 litres

Halgan’s latest product is the stand alone, above Ground Modular Grease Trap in 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000 litres. Designed to fit in one car park space. Lightweight, versatile and easy to install.

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MGTR 6,000 – 20,000 litres

Grease Trap The MGTR Series is one of the biggest greasetraps on the market. Made from double walled HDPE they are robust and lightweight, easy to install and transport. For above ground and underground installation with up to 11 tonne trafficable load rating.

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Ecotec S100 Grease Extractor

The Ecotec Grease Extractor-S100 is the smallest, lightest and most compact trade waste unit on the market. The S100 is lightweight and portable, installation costs are reduced by 70%.

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