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Pre Treatment Devices

Pre Treatment Devices

All the essentials that need to occur before waste water is treated come down to this collection of products, ranging from lint and silt traps to cooling pits and oil water separators.

Pre-treatment of trade waste ensures discharged wastewater meets local Water Authority requirements, and prevents contaminants that can harm public health and the environment from entering our wastewater system. The purpose of pre-treatment is to protect raw water recovery and more generally remove anything that could hamper subsequent treatment processes. Depending on the quality of the water to be treated, several processes could be required, including;

  • Screening
  • Diluting
  • Silt removal
  • Treatment
  • Cooling
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Our Range

Clenz Lint Trap.jpg

Lint Trap

Ideal for use in laundries where water needs to be cooled and lint extracted.

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Clenz Clay Plaster Trap.jpg

Plaster Trap

The Halgan Plaster Trap is used for treatment of waste water from dental surgeries, doctors surgeries, jewellers, technical colleges, schools, craft centres etc.

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Clenz General Purpose Pit.jpg

General Purpose Pit

This type of pit is used to retain suspended solids and floatable material from various types of processes.

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Clenz General Purpose Pit.jpg

Averaging Dilution Tanks

Halgans Averaging Dilution tank is used to average/neutralise, acidic/ alkaline waste water prior to discharging to the sewer system. The inlet and outlet design provide a swirling effect in the flow of the waste water which assists in mixing within the Pit.

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Clenz Cooling Pits.jpg

Cooling Pits

The Halgan Cooling Pit is used for treatment of waste water from Launderette, Commercial/Industrial laundry and boiler blow down. In some applications where large quantities of hot waste water is discharged, it may be required to install a cooling tower to lower the temperature.

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Ph Correction

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