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Automatic Grease Traps

If you need an automatic grease trap that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain then look no further than the Big Dipper range.

Be Compliant

Grease build-up can lead to costly plumbing issues and downtime due to closures, costing you time and money. Non-compliance can bring
unwelcome fines and increased regulatory overhead. Our automatic grease trap is the perfect solution to keep your commercial kitchen on
track with compliance.

Compact Design

Designed to fit into compact spaces, Big Dipper grease traps are the perfect solution for tight or challenging spaces and are ideal for bringing an existing building up to trade waste compliance. The durable compact design is easy to move so it can go with you, reducing the need for replacements as your business grows.

Efficient, Easy Maintenance

Escape the scheduling conflicts, cost, and hassle of having your system cleaned and manage your own grease removal and recovery. Our automatic grease trap and oil removal system can save your business thousands of dollars each year. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, the Big Dipper is efficient and easy to use so you don't
have to rely on third parties for your grease removal needs. Available in a wide range of sizes, every Big Dipper grease trap is programmed to efficiently remove grease from your wastewater and deposit it an attached storage unit which can easily be cleaned by your own staff, without worrying about a grease mat.

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